Day 10 of Giving Thanks – My Pets

1965 My dad and me with our cat Jetty

1965 My dad and me with our cat Jetty

When I was born my parents had a beautiful black cat, Jetty. They told me he wasn’t real fond of me when I first came home. He didn’t know what to make about that noisy little thing in the bassinet. Eventually we warmed up to each other and became friends. My love of cats only grew over the years.

After Jetty passed my parents found a new fur baby to love, Fluffy. They still had him when I got married. The last cat they had was Peaches.

I went a few years without a pet when my oldest was young. We had a dog for a bit, but I still loved cats more than dogs.  When I remarried we adopted a stray cat, Banana. Soon after we added a miniature Pomeranian, Little Red, to the household and another adopted cat, Midnight.

When I married Jim he had two dogs; Scamp and Samantha as well as two cats; Snickers and Cleopatra. I love how pets know when you need love. During the time my father was very ill I would sleep in my clothes on the sofa with the phone by my side. One night I woke up and the dogs were laying tight up against the sofa on the floor and the two cats were laying on the back of the sofa. This was rare as the two cats rarely shared the same room, let alone being that close!

Queen Cleopatra on her throne.

Queen Cleopatra on her throne.

Now, I have loved all my pets dearly, but Cleopatra shines among all of them. She had the most wonderful personality for a cat and spent a lot of time with us. She always laid on top of the monitor of the pc when I would be working at the desk. She ruled the house, case in point; my husband bought me a flat screen monitor and put it on the desk. That night I sat down to work and Cleo jumped up on the desk and jumped up to where her normal perch was. She ended up on the other side of the monitor. I looked at my husband and said he had to put the old monitor back, which he did. The flat screen did not return until sometime after Cleo’s passing.

By the time we moved back to Pennsylvania all of our pets passed. It seems odd not having a pet. Where we live now we cannot have them. But when we visit a home with furbabies we enjoy getting to know them.

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