Thanksgiving Day In The Service of His Country

Charles Warren Spalding, USN

My Father, Charles Warren Spalding, USN


Written by Charles W. Spalding, USN (age 20)
U. S. Naval Hospital, Bremerton, WA 23 November 1950

Many, many, years ago,
In a Massachusetts Bay
Our forefathers got together
To plan Thanksgiving Day.

They came here to this land unknown,
Poor and penniless.
The only thing that they could do
Was their freedom bless.

They came from far across the sea,
On a wooden ship “Mayflower”
The reason that they came over here
Was to leave the king’s cruel power.

It was very cold when they landed,
There many years ago
But they were joyed as they fell down
On bended knee to God in the snow.

They built their homes of mud and log,
The best that they could do.
Then they built their little church
Where they could worship too.

The Indians were very hostile,
This the Pilgrims could see.
But they just looked at each other
Saying, someday friendly we’’ll be.

One day they got together
The Pilgrims and Indians too.
They talked of peace and happiness
And then they feasted too.

Well that was many years ago
One day in December
But now we celebrate this day
The fourth Thursday in November.

Yes, this is now Thanksgiving Day,
We give a feast and give our thanks to God in
Heaven above.
But many boys are far away
From the ones they love.

In this United States of ours
We’ve a lot to be thankful for.
But why must we be parted
By this terrible thing called war?

Many boys are far from home
On this Thanksgiving Day.
Their thoughts of home and wonderful things
While they in fox holes lay.

I’m sitting here just thinking
On this Thanksgiving Day
Of my parents and my loved ones
Who are thousands of miles away.

Yes, I am one of those boys,
Who couldn’t be home today;
What I want to be thankful for
Is an everlasting peace someday.

We are in a land that’s free
Of concentration camps and fear
So we have a lot be thankful for
This special day of the year.

As I bring this poem to a close
This my prayer shall be
That on the next Thanksgiving Day
The whole world will be free.


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