Hanging of the Greens


11-29-15 Night 02

We had quite a joyous celebration at Advent Lutheran to mark the First Sunday of Advent. The music, readings and reflections as well as the participation of the congregation in decorating the church was beautiful and moving. The pews were filled with people of all ages celebrating together as we began the Advent season.

The processional hymn was one of my favorites, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”.  How exciting to see all of our choirs processing in, from the adults down to our wee Cherub Choir. The readings and prayers inspired us. As we progressed through the service decorations were added to the church.  The first lesson shared the story of the Annunciation. The perfect model of faith, Mary, who surrendered to God’s will with her response “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38),

Then the processions began. With each one there were hymns and readings. First the Light. 10 family groups carried candles, one for each of the windows in the church. Next the Holly and the Ivy  was carried in to adorn the candles on each window. (I was honored to carry one of these.)

11-29-15 Service 07

The children were then called up to decorate the tree with the Chrismons. As the processions continued we had two precious children portraying Mary and Joseph and a youth carried the star which was added to the top of the Chrismon tree.

11-29-15 Service 04

All of our choirs sang different selections. The music is always wonderful for our services but this night was truly a blessing. Joy filled the sanctuary! The final choral offering came after the church was fully decorated. The Chapel/Chancel Choir performed “Savior of the Nations Come” by Richard Nance. Narration by one of our members made this especially moving.

The evening closed with fellowship at a reception in Fellowship Hall that featured tables full of sweet treats and goodies shared by those attending. This evening was also the kick off our Alternative Gift Fair which gives us a chance to make a difference by helping others. Donations are made to organizations in honor of or in memory of someone. In exchange for the donation you may select one of the many handmade star ornaments displayed on the trees. The stars reflected the theme of “BE A LIGHT” and were made by different groups and Sunday School classes from the church. This photo shows the star made by the Prayers & Stitches Group I enjoy being a part of.

As Advent continues we wait with joyful anticipation to celebrate the birth of our Savior!

11-29-15 Service 06


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Thanksgiving Wrap Up

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It was my intention to share a post daily in November reflecting on things I was thankful for. Well, My husband and I were taking turns being sick and quite honestly, I didn’t have the energy or time to write. BUT I will add one more item I am thankful for and that is that we are both feeling better!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful celebration for us this year. My husband is in the choir and our church hosted the community Thanksgiving Service. It was very nice and well attended by the members of the participating churches.

Thanksgiving Day we watched the parade and then went out to eat. In the evening we were invited to have leftovers and dessert with friends. A really nice, relaxing day.

And while I may not have completed my daily posts here, I do remember to give thanks each day for the many blessings God has bestowed upon us!

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Day 11 of Giving Thanks – Our Veterans

Veterans 01



Jesse Deeter 1921-2011
My Husband’s Father
US Army Air Corp WWII

Charles Warren Spalding 1930-2000
My Father
US Navy Korean Conflict

Bernard Benjamin Spalding 1922-2003
My Uncle, Daddy’s Brother
US Army WWII, European Theater

Clayton Sylvester Weirich 1919-1993
My Uncle, Daddy’s Brother- in-Law
US Army Air Corp WWII, European Theater

Francis Oliver Klinedinst 1922-1995
My Uncle, My Mother’s Brother
US Army WWII, European Theater

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Thank You To Those Who Serve Photos of Family Veterans in this post.

WWII Memories From My Dad

Thanksgiving Day In The Service Of His Country

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WWII Memories From My Dad

My Father's Armband

My Father’s Armband

Daddy always lamented that he was sorry he was not old enough to have served in WWII like his older brother Bernard and his sister’s husband Clayton. He would serve his country though in a different way. As a teenager he served locally as a plane spotter. As part of the observance of the 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII our local historical society did an exhibit that included stories about York Countians and their lives during WWII. Daddy had loaned his arm band that he wore as a spotter. It is pictured here along with the tag from the museum exhibit. I was happy that he loaned them this as they encased it in archival covering to help preserve it.

Vets - Spalding - Dads Armband 02

During daddy’s final months he was in and out of consciousness. When he was awake it seemed he spent a lot of that time reliving or retelling things from his younger years. Knowing stories of his past helped me understand what he was talking about when to others it may have just seemed like the ramblings of an older man.

I visited him daily and each evening I would call in to talk to the nurse to check on him. One evening I called she was with him and they had the tv on for him. She said he kept repeating numbers and letters. I asked her if there was a war movie on and she said yes. She said there were images of planes flying when he would do this. I told her about my dad being a plane spotter and I would bet that is what he was doing when he saw these planes.

Daddy was always so proud of his big brother, Bernard. Uncle Bernard did not talk a lot about his war time service, but we do know his unit  saw some of the heaviest fighting in Europe and they were part of the liberation of Concentration Camps.

My Uncle Bernard home on leave during WWII pictured here with his younger brother, my dad, Charles.

My Uncle Bernard home on leave during WWII pictured here with his younger brother, my dad, Charles.



Thank You To Those Who Served

Thanksgiving Day In The Service Of His Country

Day 11 Of Giving Thanks – Our Veterans

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Day 10 of Giving Thanks – My Pets

1965 My dad and me with our cat Jetty

1965 My dad and me with our cat Jetty

When I was born my parents had a beautiful black cat, Jetty. They told me he wasn’t real fond of me when I first came home. He didn’t know what to make about that noisy little thing in the bassinet. Eventually we warmed up to each other and became friends. My love of cats only grew over the years.

After Jetty passed my parents found a new fur baby to love, Fluffy. They still had him when I got married. The last cat they had was Peaches.

I went a few years without a pet when my oldest was young. We had a dog for a bit, but I still loved cats more than dogs.  When I remarried we adopted a stray cat, Banana. Soon after we added a miniature Pomeranian, Little Red, to the household and another adopted cat, Midnight.

When I married Jim he had two dogs; Scamp and Samantha as well as two cats; Snickers and Cleopatra. I love how pets know when you need love. During the time my father was very ill I would sleep in my clothes on the sofa with the phone by my side. One night I woke up and the dogs were laying tight up against the sofa on the floor and the two cats were laying on the back of the sofa. This was rare as the two cats rarely shared the same room, let alone being that close!

Queen Cleopatra on her throne.

Queen Cleopatra on her throne.

Now, I have loved all my pets dearly, but Cleopatra shines among all of them. She had the most wonderful personality for a cat and spent a lot of time with us. She always laid on top of the monitor of the pc when I would be working at the desk. She ruled the house, case in point; my husband bought me a flat screen monitor and put it on the desk. That night I sat down to work and Cleo jumped up on the desk and jumped up to where her normal perch was. She ended up on the other side of the monitor. I looked at my husband and said he had to put the old monitor back, which he did. The flat screen did not return until sometime after Cleo’s passing.

By the time we moved back to Pennsylvania all of our pets passed. It seems odd not having a pet. Where we live now we cannot have them. But when we visit a home with furbabies we enjoy getting to know them.

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Day 9 of Giving Thanks – My Grandchildren

Our Beautiful Granddaughters

Our Beautiful Granddaughters

Ah, grandchildren, or grandangels as I have always referred to mine! They are the reward of raising your children for sure.

We are blessed with 3 beautiful granddaughters with another grandangel on the way.

April 2015 Proud Grandparents with their Granddaughters

April 2015 Proud Grandparents with their Granddaughters

My husband and I have made many special memories with our grands and hope to make many more. The motto has always been “What happens at Nana’s, stays at Nana’s”!



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